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  • MBA Sales & Service AS

    Mobile Boat Hoist MBH 820 BRAND: Cimolai Technology FABRICATION YEAR: 2008 Lifting capacity: 820 metric tons Track: 15,6 m All our width: 17,9 m Total height: 20,1 m Diesel motor: CATERPILLAR ​

  • MBA Sales & Service AS

    Mobile Straddle Transporter MST 80 BRAND – Cimolai Technology Spa FABRICATION YEAR – 2014 Mobile Straddle Transporter (two units) to handle and transport prefabricated elements for the construction of the “RED LINE SOUTH ELEVATED & AT GRADE” in Doha, Qatar. MODEL NUMBER: 1418MST056/1, 1418MST056/2 PLACE OF ORIGIN: Italy CERTIFICATION: CE APPLICATION: Handling of concrete segments and beams in prefabrication yard COMPLETED PROJECT: Doha Metro –Red Line South Elevated & At Grade DURATION OF USE: from March 2015 to June 2016 (16 months) CURRENT LOCATION: Doha, Qatar Maximum lifting capacity under spreader:80 T Span:20.5 m Gauge:8 m No. of steering wheels: 2/4 Motorized hook rotation Command from remote control in closed cabin Diesel engine

  • MBA Sales & Service AS

    Mobile Boat Hoist ELIDRA 30 BRAND – Paolo de Nicola Lifting speed 0,8 mt/min Translation speed 0-40 mt/min Maximum climbable slope 4% Wheels Nr 2 steering wheel groups Inner dock span 6000 mm Outer wheel width 6350 mm Maximum width 8000 mm Front-rear wheel interaxis 7450 mm Distance of the winches from the ground 5500 mm

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