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HeroK - Derived from the Greek word Heroktio (χειρόκτιο), which is mainly translated as a glove, but emphasis is also focused on the ancient Greek word Hero (ήρως) as a tribute to all of you, everyday heroes.


We want to approach hand protection in a continuously changing regulatory environment with our only focus on the workforce always in accordance with the latest standard developments.


After having experience with gloves for over 25 years, we try to innovate and make gloves that help the user to work with excellent protection and maximum comfort in their very demanding working life. We have implemented "Choose by color" in all our HEROK series, so that each user will distinguish the level of cut protection the gloves he is wearing.


After having all our products certified according to the latest European standards, such as the latest EN 388: 2016 and keeping our quality at a high level by continuous quality control, we ensure that your workforce is protected.



A design that leaves nothing to luck

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